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Our Logo

First draft of our logo courtesy of my uncle Mario Menchaca. He captured what we are all capable of.

This is our logo courtesy of Mario Menchaca, the uncle of our President and Founder Carlos Estrada. We think it speaks for itself.  When we start our merchandise collection, you better believe there will be one available with a  woman's hands as  well as a child's hand. We know what we are all truly capable of.

Our History


"You didn't know your worth."  These five words that a former boss of mine named Matt Bradley said to me as a life lesson have resonated in my head since that then. On October 9th 2019, I put that life lesson into action after finally accepting what I knew was my purpose. That purpose is to start a non profit organization that will leave the world better than I found it. We will accomplish this by saying "yes" to helping people. Its that simple.

Our Mission


Our mission is simple.  We want to say yes to helping people  CONQUER the NO. If we can help you we will, but we are gonna ask you to do something in return. Nothing in life should be free because that doesn't these us things like gratitude. What we're gonna ask in return is that you donate your time to  another  charity that  relates  to your current state of need. If we can  pay it forward in some way, imagine how much of an impact we can make together. 

My Blog

I Carlos Estrada, the founder of CONQUER the NO will be sharing my own personal interections that pertain to what we 

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Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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